Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Garden Totems

I had seen these on several gardening 'trash to treasure' type sites and had been planning to put some together for awhile. Originally I thought I might take them to the nursery and tuck them in amongst the plants and who knows? Maybe one might sell!
So today I got out my big box of glass Id been saving, and with the opinions of all my kiddos, began to silicone them together. What a great family activity, all except the baby who had plastic tipper cups. Most of the glass I had laying around, as I have had a thing for glass for a long time. Alot of it came from my grandmothers, whose house we just (sadly) emptied of 65 years worth of memories. A few things I have picked up for 50cents or 1.00, in anticipation of the totems.
WOW! They may not look like much in the picture, but they sure do brighten up the front window. I like this better than just having a bunch of bottles lined up in the windowsill for sure.

I'm planning to do some beadwork and add that to them and also use cut them for cut flowers. The little manzanita tree is part of our "nature table". Right now I'm drying little bouquets and we are hanging them there with ribbon. I have a much larger manzanita that we decorate seasonally on a different table.

Well, that's it for now. I had a really crummy past few days, being creative really lifted my (our) spirits. I didn't go to work yesterday (lower back and personal things to tend to) so I will be in tomorrow.

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