Thursday, February 21, 2008

MNA Tour

We are used to seeing our parking lot with several trucks at once, but its not everyday we get TWO tour buses full of fellow nurseryman and women from all over the country stopping by for a visit!

We have known about this for several months and to be honest it was a great extra incentive to have the nursery looking super special clean! It was an odd day....spring a few days ago and then this cold rain again. Everyone has been working so hard that there genuinely was not alot to do.....(anyone who EVER says there is nothing to do in a nursery is kidding themselves). I think we felt a bit like nervous, proud parents as all the "nursery people" poured out of the bus and explored the grounds, it was so weird not to need to be helping anyone! A Monrovia truck arrived while they were there and I heard someone joke about everyone volunteering to help.
In the top middle of this picture you can see Jake, one of the owners, accepting a plaque commemorating the 50th year of Master Nursery Association. As they all got back on the bus I thought wow, wouldnt it be neat to have a chance to visit with so many people in our trade?


trey said...

I liked going on those MNA tours. When we had the Happy Frog we were members. Haven't joined up since getting the Golden Gecko going. I am not sure I will, but the organization is made up of some great people.

Tina said...

I would love to go on one of those tours. When I was younger and had less children (thus more time) I would often spend my days off visiting nurseries. Im planning a Sonoma County Nursery tour with a couple of co workers as a birthday treat for myself next month!

I thought you were Master Nursery for some reason, maybe I saw some of the products in your pictures?

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