Thursday, February 28, 2008


Now that I decided to put my plant purchases on here, to help me keep track, I feel slightly guilty....Im not sure I want everyone to see how many plants I "adopt". Well here goes this weeks, so far.

Violas, again. I dont know why I am always falling for these. I keep hoping they will become so happy that they will naturalize like their hardier cousins and I will have these little sweeties all over the front yard.

Psidium cattleianum ~ Strawberry Guava. Look how big these are and they are only 7.95! While they will produce on their own you will get more with two. Usually a large bush 8 ft or so high and wide, can be in tree form as well. Im hoping the kids will have fun with these. Here is a picture of the fruit I found on the internet:

And in this picture we have a deep maroon Helleborus orientalis with two little Lamium aureum. These are going in the front yard where it is shady.

Next I got two of these: Abutilon hybrid 'Fon Vai'. These grow to about 4' tall and wide and bloom spring until winter, resting only a few months for me. LOVE THEM.

Lastly, its my day off but I had to run down to the nursery to get my oldest sons work permit signed (he is going to carry dirt on Saturdays this spring!) and low and behold we got some new herbs while I was gone yesterday! So I got these three Thymes (they are only 3.95 retail!) We have Thymus vulgaris 'Silver Posie' and Thymus pulegioides 'Archers Gold' in the back...both from Emerisa gardens, one of my favorite wholesalers (link under Sonoma County nurseries). In the front is Lime Thyme from Sweetwater Organics.

Thats it for today. Tomorrow is Friday though and with the nice weather we are probably getting a ton if! lol...

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