Monday, March 3, 2008

The Growing Challenge Week #2 (for me)

For info on The Growing Challenge scroll down and click on the button on the right hand side, under the links!

We really worked hard yesterday. Here are two of the boys busy weed whacking:

Near the end of the day the vegetable beds looked even better than these pictures, my husband worked until after dark...

We got the Anna apple tree planted, by Anna the

Here are two Asian Pears and a Pomogranate...I know they are all close to the fence but I have training/pruning plans in mind.

My husband dug a huge trench for the Blueberries, and we added plenty of acid soil mix. Here is Amber with a HUGE worm from the hole!

Lastly, part of the blueberry patch, more to be planted next week!

This week: planting persimmons, more blueberries, strawberry bed, strawberry guavas and more!

And....what to do with this Kiwi? Tear it out? Build a support? There used to be a giant play structure here. I did prune it hard after I snapped this:

AND THEN: I am trying to decide wether to hire a crew to pull these out or do them (OUCH) myself.


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I had my middle child help me plant tulip bulbs today. I love to garden with the kids. Enjoyed your family


Tina said...

Deb, last week I planted some (very late) Daffodils. The baby brang me each one and handed them to me gently, so cute. (she later progressed to pummeling me with them though)Its so fun to teach the kids to be gardeners, I hope they grow up and enjoy it....I know my passion came from my grandparents. Thank for the nice comment, Im always surprised to see someone is actually lookng at this.

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