Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring! WoW!

OK, Spring is here. Full force. There is no picture because I have no time to take any at work. I wore my pedometer yesterday that measures steps and I was right about at 13,000. They say 10,000 is approximately 5 miles.

Here is what working in a nursery in spring is like:

You are out helping customer and need to find an answer inside. You head in and 3 people ask for help and you tell them you will come back to them...inside the lines are clogging registers so you grab trays and quickly put prices and tallies on paper for customers to help line move quicker, then tell cashier to call for customer service, then go get answer for your original question. Cashier asks you to tag XXXX and put in sold block. While getting answer you are closest to phone...answer it take number to check on plant stock. Head out with answer, phone number, sold tag and try to remember what your customer looked like. Make mental note to water those one gallon Euryops...again. Ask wrong man with same goatee and baseball cap. Get stopped and direct two more people to correct area. Find your customer and momentarily blank out on what in the heck you are doing!!! LOLOL! Love it though......

Pictures tonight....

Its tonight. I am tired. And just as I was ready to head home and sit down I go to my car and....tire is flat. As a pancake. Boss Jake looked at it and says its actually in bad shape and so is other front one, so I am thankful for no accidents and that all my babies are safe.
Being the nice guy he is, he let me take the work truck home and I will deal with tires tomorrow.

We got our first really significant shipment of bedding and vegetables today. Here is a picture: 230 flats.

Thats not really that many, as tomorrow and Friday we will have MANY deliveries. While spring is alot of hard work, its alot of fun too. During the winter months we are all there, planting strawberries (in the rain), making signs, puttering around (in the cold)(and the rain)....talking to our co workers for 8 hours a day about every detail in each others lives because thats just what you end up doing. A few customers come in and we all rush them, if you have been out in January I hope you werent annoyed by every single employee asking you if you needed assistance. We are all working toward one goal during those cold, wet months: getting ready for SPRING!
And then one day the sun shines, and BOOM. Everyone is coming to see us! Its like a giant open house.....long time customers, new faces, gardeners of every age and even people who hate gardening but have the spring bug...they are all out to the nursery. If you are reading this blog then you must be a gardener, have you been out to see your local nursery yet? :)


ferne said...

You just described my day! I can totally relate to all you wrote in this post! It's crazy but, I sort of like it...not sure I want to say 'love' right now as all my muscles are aching! Maybe day off.

Tina said...

A day off? You get a day off in the spring? Just kidding. I volunteered to work through my days off this week (6 days instead of my usual 4) because one of the owners, who is like 3 employees, is out of town. I am beat!

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