Sunday, April 20, 2008

April in my yard

It frosted here in Napa again! April 20th! Ergh. And if that werent bad enough I came home from work and found this:

My purple hopseed tree I planted from a 24" box last year. I realize now I should have staked it better. Im a little heartbroken. But on to more positive pictures:

My Philadelphus is in full bloom.
And just as my Michelia X Jack Fogg finishes blooming my Michelia figo Port Wine begins...ahhh heavenly smells!

The old gallica rose way in the back (that is trying to take over the yard) is starting to bloom.

A close up of the blossom, it is powerfully fragrant.

Some shots from the front yard. my postage stamp cottage garden. It is looking better all the time. I put down cocoa mulch and it really made a difference.

Cestrum smithii Elegans. This poor plant is being propped up by that old tractor
seat. I have had it at least 10 years and to feel how loose the steam is in the ground you would think it should be dead. But nope, keeps on blooming!

And lastly here is a "Sunset" Iochroma I bought recently and put in a wine barrel on the front porch.

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Parsec said...

Beautiful photographs! It looks like you really have a great garden.

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