Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beneficial Insects....a sign of a healthy garden!

I just came in briefly to post these pictures. As I passed by my rather woody, badly-in-need-of-a-haircut honeysuckle I was startled by hundreds of bugs raining down onto me and the ground below. Luckily bugs (except potato monsters..agh) do not bother me. Upon closer inspection I realized it was covered in aphids, the bugs falling are soldier beetles eating the aphids! How cool is that? They are doing a good job too. Personally, I tell customers at work the best thing they can do for their yard is to plant more flowers. The more diverse your yard/garden the better natural balance of bugs will be.

Also: Bees!
My wisteria is blooming as are my two large Michelias one huge Osmanthus and several medium ones, two jasmines, and orange among many others. Not only does it smell FANTASTIC right now but the fat and happy bees are so thick it nearly sounds like a horror movie. Most customers freak if a plant attracts bees....but rarely do any of us get stung. They are busy do their bee thing and we don't bother them = no problems!

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