Sunday, July 15, 2007


Do you have any daisies? Ha Ha....ok, inside nursery joke but lets just say: thank goodness for Latin!

I picked up this red Arctotis back in April, probably on one of those drizzly, grey days we had when it seemed spring was never going to get here. It was so happy, and RED! Now, 3 months later, it is still very happy and very red. It just keeps blooming its heart out, despite our odd weather this year.

I understand this gem is from South Africa and should be treated as an annual in all but the warmest winter climates. It grows so quick though that I will readily plant it again if frost takes its life. I also have 2 pink varieties tucked away in my 'secret spot' at the nursery. I meant to buy them Saturday but it was so busy that my brain had turned to mush when it was time to go home.

A word about us nursery employees: we love plants and landscaping and we love helping you choose the right plant for your location BUT, please dont take it personally if you find us wandering about, looking shell shocked, eyes glazed over. It not you, it just the end of the day. Our jobs ask alot of us physically (the nursery is 3 acres and we are back and forth about 100 times a day), but also it takes a lot of mental work. We want you to have the right plant!
Anyhow, yesterday was a very busy Saturday so I thought I would share those thoughts with ya.

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