Wednesday, July 11, 2007


OK, it just does NOT rain here in July. It doesnt.

But it has been all night.

Not a heavy downpour but light, nitrogen rich sprinkles. And its warm. The combination will be like fertilizer from the sky for the garden.

We needed this relief after our scorching heat wave came through last week and fried alot of plants, esp. newly planted ones. In particular newly plantings that are on a drip system.

DRIP SYSTEM USERS: Do you know how many gallons per day your plants are getting? If you tell me it is coming on twice a day for 20 minutes and its a 1gph dripper, then that is not even one gallon a day! And for your trees and shrubs, esp. in the heat, that is not enough! Take the hose and go out there and water them by hand. I am amazed at the number of calls we get by people who think their plants look dry but yet they have neither checked the soil themselves or gone out and watered. When its hot, do you drink more water?

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